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Sana AI Summit
May 31, Stockholm

On May 31, we gathered some of the world’s most pioneering leaders, investors, and researchers to reflect on the new era of artificial intelligence.

Jensen’s thesis

Jensen Huang
Founder & CEO

We've democratized programming for the first time in history. I can't help but believe that's going to empower billions of people.”

— Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA

Andrew’s thesis

Andrew Ng
Managing General Partner
AI Fund

On the state of AI

Nathan Benaich
Founder & General Partner
Air Street Capital

On knowledge

Joel Hellermark
Founder & CEO

On AI’s biggest questions

Danica Kragić
Professor of Robotics

Sequoia’s thesis

Matt Miller
General Partner
Sequoia Capital

On the decade ahead

Peter Welinder
VP Product & Partnerships

Gustav Söderström
Co-President, CPO, & CTO

Joel Hellermark
Founder & CEO

Maybe we'll figure out a decade from now that we already had AGI. We just didn't know how to prompt GPT-4.”

— Peter Welinder, VP Product & Partnerships at OpenAI

On consciousness

Åsa Wikforss
Professor of Theoretical Philosophy
Stockholm University

Adam Becker
Author and Journalist
Scientific Philosophy

Philip Goff
Philosopher and Consciousness Researcher
Durham University UK

Christer Sturmark
Fri Tanke

On design

Tony DeVincenzi
Director Generative AI
Google Workspace

Tove Blomgren
Creative Director
SALLY, EY Doberman

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