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Reaching $62m
in Series B

Dear Sana partners,

I'm thrilled to share that we've raised an additional $28m from NEA and Workday Ventures, bringing our Series B to $62m. We're humbled to have Scott Sandell and Philip Chopin join the board, two exceptional partners who share our vision for transforming how people create, share, and access knowledge through AI. Scott and Philip's combined learnings from building some of the most iconic tech companies—from Salesforce and Workday Ventures to Tableau and Robinhood—will help us build a generational company.

Sana exists to augment human intelligence through artificial intelligence. We've obsessed over this thesis for seven years—always fortunate to combine world-class design with the latest machine learning advances. Still, the pace of progress in the past six months has been nothing short of astounding. And it's just the beginning.

At Sana, we believe that augmenting human intelligence is the key to advancing the world. Today, thousands of organizations are working tirelessly to solve the world's most important problems. What if we could make every single one of their employees learn 10x faster and be 10x more productive? This foundational question guides everything we do at Sana. Two years ago, it led us to build a 10x better learning management system. And now, it’s led us to the next chapter in our story: Sana AI.

Sana AI is an intelligent co-pilot. Think of it like LLMs connected to your company's knowledge. An omnipresent assistant that can do everything from search across all your company's apps and generate real-time summaries of live meetings to taking actions in response to natural language commands and creating entire learning courses from scratch.

Generative AI models are only as good as the context we give them. When you integrate Sana with all your company's apps, there's no limit to what the AI can help you achieve. Or the time it can give you back.

There's so much we don't know about our AI-infused future. And there are many important, challenging questions to answer. Today, we will explore some of them at the inaugural Sana AI Summit. Three hundred executives, researchers, and entrepreneurs will gather in Stockholm to hear from AI pioneers including Jensen Huang, Andrew Ng, Danica Kragić, Gustav Söderström, and more. The waitlist is now closed but you can sign up for the recording here.

As the entire Sana team rallies to perfect the Summit's final touches, I remain in awe of their passion, ingenuity, and perseverance. The team's talent is one of the key reasons why NEA and Workday Ventures chose to invest and what makes me so excited for the incredible journey ahead.

We can't wait to show you what's next.

All my best,

Joel Hellermark
Founder and CEO

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